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Whether you have purchased market research reports from MSI before, there are certain questions that pop up time after time If you don’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us: we’ll do our best to help, and we’ll try to find someone to answer your questions in your own language.

How is your information collected?

Original research is at the heart of our reports, prepared through telephone interview with a selection of manufacturers, competitors, importers, distributors, installers, operators, end-users and commentators within the industry. This primary research is supported and validated with secondary research from a wide range of official, semi-official and trade data gathered by MSI’s own team of desk research specialists. Field and desk research are combined to produce both quantitative and qualitative data that enables customers to gain an accurate view of the particular market or sector.

What quality procedures do you have in place?

MSI prides itself on producing accurate and up-to-date reports as a result of the high internal quality standards. Whilst a consultant is responsible for the research of a single report, substantial on-going training and team support is given to ensure that the information you need is accurate and timely. Prior to publication, reports produced by MSI are edited by senior members of the editing team to ensure accuracy and consistency where possible.

How do I know if the report is relevant to my needs?
Prior to your purchase, a comprehensive brochure which lists report coverage, table of contents and list of tables, is available as well as sample pages and press release. Brochures also include the publication date and price. We also offer the opportunity to talk to our customer support team about your individual requirements. Moreover, a free sample report is available for you to download from this website so that you may see an example of our work.
How often are your reports updated?

MSI have a catalogue of over 180 recent market research reports. Reports are usually re-researched and re-written every 18 months to 2 years: but these are not simple ‘up-dates’ but each report is completely re-researched and re-written, to ensure the highest quality and latest information.

What is your returns policy?

Unlike other products, information cannot be returned: therefore, MSI cannot accept returned reports. Therefore we want to ensure that the report really provides what you are looking for before you buy a report, and we’ll do  everything we can to help you ensure that the report provide what you are looking for.

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